Samsung Galaxy Note 3 tip: quick view

Posted on Oct 30 2013 - 5:34am by Huzoor Bux

Owners of the Galaxy Note 2 (and the Galaxy S4) know the tip below course already, but we assume that most brand new owners, poor (sse) n of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 had before another extension. And so for the first time acquainted with this fun,  fancy  way to quickly see if you’ve missed something:   Quick Look .


If Quick View is enabled, you can hold your hand over the Galaxy Note 3 – touch do not – and there appears a beautiful underwater animation with the most important information: time, date, missed calls, received messages, and the status of your battery.

To turn Quick Look if you’re using the Menu button to Settings goes, and there under the tab Operation on Air Gesture tap. Then make sure that Air Gesture itself is on – the switch right of the screen must be turned on – and switch Quick Look yourself.


You can now keep you hand just above. Device when you sleep, Once the blue LED notification equally concerned, is also your screen to life. And let’s be honest: since the Galaxy Note 2, Samsung animation it something refined.

Is this all also super convenient? That is Flashy so bad. It takes a little more effort on your Home button. But the function remains something by the animation, the bubbles, and the fact that your device does not have to touch ….