Samsung Galaxy Note 3 sold five million times

Posted on Nov 1 2013 - 7:14am by Huzoor Bux

So, those are not faint numbers: in one month is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 already gone five million copies sold. With this number in such a short time, the device is by far the most successful Note smartphone – and  phablet in a broad sense – ever.


At a press conference the boss made ​​Samsung Mobile Mr. JK Shin – – this number is known. The predecessor of the Galaxy Note 3 – the Galaxy Note 2 – was the counter after a month on three million sets , and only after two months to five million. And that was also a record, but the Note 3 so doing this again thin on – and then some more. And for comparison: the first discs reached this ‘magical’ border only after a month or five .

Of course the Note 3 allows no general ‘Galaxy record. This title will remain in the name of the Galaxy S4 , which was in the first month sold over ten million times. But the popularity of the Note series is still growing quite obvious.