Samsung Galaxy Note 3 also comes in red and white gold

Posted on Nov 30 2013 - 10:25am by Huzoor Bux

At present the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 only available in black and white colors – pink phone announced version will remain a rarity that only a limited number of countries and a limited number of providers is available. But … come early January, two new color variants with: red and gold.


According to the men of SamMobile besides a possible old-and new-hangover – – the first week of January will bring a red Galaxy Note 3. Should be two weeks later than a white gold version complete the party.

Incidentally, there is a chance that the two new color variants – although ultimately available worldwide – will be exclusively available initially only through certain channels. Then think of the possibility that, for example the red Note 3 will be. Sold only through a provider or shop for a time In fact, at this moment exactly as the pink version, and so it remains unclear for a time when we have the new colors actually going to hit the shelves.

But the color spectrum of the Galaxy Note 3 will be extended is clear. Now we just have to wait until Samsung officially she reveals itself.