Samsung Galaxy Note 2 offers top 3

Posted on Nov 14 2012 - 5:40pm by Huzoor Bux

Over a month, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 already on the market and, as we all know , with great success. But where do you buy him the best? Which deals are the most popular? Who the trees for the forest no longer can see below our ‘Top 3 as a guide. It is the ‘extended’ version of the popular Galaxy Note 2 deals’ table you everywhere on this site come. The Top 3 is composed of information we get from stores, combined with our own data from our own survey offers .

As you can see doing GSMWijzer very well, as Typhone her deal for heavy users – many call minutes, SMS and data. And indeed, Belsimpel coming along well, with the same offer as GSMWijzer in combination with a slightly lower unit price.

Once the top 3 changes, we make sure that the following statement also changes so. And who wants to cast a look at the five best-selling deals for the first Galaxy Note, you can visit THIS page.