Samsung Galaxy Gear is a tomato, but sells moderately

Posted on Nov 19 2013 - 11:10am by Huzoor Bux

Often interviews with senior employees of large companies boring. “Yes, we are big, and yes, we are the best ‘, that kind of posturing. But occasionally there are also found that despite a dose fine PR, yet interesting information fun conversations – or at least funny sayings. This tells David Eun – Deputy head of Samsung’s  Open Innovation Center to report that the Galaxy Gear basically a small green tomato is.


The whole idea of ​​the Galaxy Gear and small green tomato is that he is not yet ripe. In other words, the gear should be a thick red tomato, before it becomes clear what exactly is its potency.

Mr. Eun gives candidly admitted that he would not have purchased if he does not his employer had received (to show off on occasions like the interview in question, of course). Gear are self Yet he is there – now he has one – happy.

This is probably also the big problem of the Gear. Because despite the fact that Samsung is busy the watch making increasingly functional , it is rather on the expensive side. If the price would be much lower – after all it is a small green tomato, no bag full of thick juicy ripe ones – it’s likely that more people would see it for what it is the device: a version 1.0 of a concept with a lot potential. But amounting to three hundred euro is the threshold very high.

Is exactly the reason that the gear does not fly like hot cakes, but if the latter … well, some tomato so. Less than 50,000 copies have been sold so far. And until he is sufficiently ripened, or the price drops, the sales did not rise as fast.

In any case, Eun that Samsung does not get enough appreciation for the fact that the company has the guts to as soon as new products – test -., And thus the associated markets Whether you agree with that is a personal issue. Others say that you can final development voodat you’re happy peddling a product. Better behind closed doors Especially if you ask for so much money.

What is beyond dispute is that the Gear shows that Samsung is not a company that just follows (but we knew actually been around since the introduction of the first Galaxy Note ). And that moment Gear is a device for the righteous early adopter , but not yet for the average user.