Samsung Galaxy F comes in metal, along with the Galaxy S5

Posted on Dec 31 2013 - 2:38pm by Huzoor Bux

Although the Samsung Galaxy S5 currently receiving much attention, it’s the Galaxy F as a ghost haunts the smartphone gossip. Not much is known about the device except for the possible Samsung’s first Galaxy with a metal enclosure. News from South Korea suggests that the device will be. Simultaneously with the Galaxy S5 launched about.


Although it seemed for a time that the Galaxy F just the luxury version of the S5, not a stand-alone unit, it seemed a few weeks ago confirmed that F does exist. It remained unclear, the answer to the question of when the Samsung Galaxy F wants to launch.

So today is from South Korean news sources to make the Galaxy F it will see the light as the Galaxy S5, ergo around the same time: between late February and mid-March, with a launch in late April.

Furthermore, it seems the Galaxy F somewhere here in Europe to be developed, and then brought to Vietnam in order to prepare. Scale production of the device for This is quite similar to previous reports, a new Vietnamese factory that Samsung would have set up in that country producing metal enclosures .

So it seems that Samsung is still slowly indeed planning to have a kind of ultra-high-end to launch a spot above the S series will be in the Galaxy range. smartphone line

Of course, this also means that the Galaxy S5 probably just get a plastic housing, and if we may venture a guess it will be similar to those of the Galaxy Note 3 – nothing wrong with that so.

In any case, February and March months will be exciting for anyone looking for the next generation Galaxy send elle. We will keep you informed!