Samsung Galaxy Cola, and other custom phones for business use

Posted on Nov 27 2013 - 12:10pm by Huzoor Bux

Oh well, why not: it seems it will make Samsung phones, which can be adapted specifically to the needs of individual companies. For example, the South Koreans already working on devices for both Coca Cola and Pepsi, and also with the U.S. FedEx negotiation pressure.


Before you are thinking of a Galaxy Cola, or similar crap, it makes sense to realize that it is all business devices is here. Devices that are mostly stuffed with security and applications that are tailored for use within the conscious companies. With a little imagination it is still to think of devices without a camera on – no blasting trade secrets in the picture – or a bar code scanner for logistics purposes.

You may wonder what it is about such contracts. How large companies such as The Coca Cola Company are, to a large market ultimately it is not. The money’s all over, of course, especially in the service contracts for support, maintenance – that sort of thing. In this market, BlackBerry was for years the masters, but the near-collapse of the Canadian smartphone maker leaves gaping holes in the back of the business market. Holes where Samsung plunges with love, so evident.