Quad Core Processor in Galaxy S III

Posted on Jan 10 2012 - 5:19am by Huzoor Bux

Samsung Galaxy S3 is going to launched this year a Korean Electronics expecting to have quad core Processor.

Quad core Cortex A9 1.5 Ghz CPU which is 32 nm in size.

These processors have the distinctive capability that will be enabling the users to switch between cores. As such, it will be figuring out which task would require more resources before automatically assigning more power to it.

As a result, when the user is having many apps opened, he/she will not be suffering from lagging time concerns or unexpected shut down issues.


The processor will be assigning power to the app that needs it more compared to the apps that are on standby mode.

  • I like the specs but how about Nvidia Tegra 3 GPU in it aswell? 64GB internal storage like Apple’s Iphone 4S & 32GB 64GB SD Card Slot support & some decent Audio chip not like Yamaha DAC that was used in Samsung Galaxy S II (sound so bad) display is good but put more ppi for example better than Galaxy Nexus so it must be 330 ppi or more & give option to enable or disable touchwiz so those who want to use stock android can use stock & those who want to use Touchwiz can use it, more options more happy customers anywayz I am waiting to buy SGS3 in 2012 & I hope it will be the King Of Smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S2 was in 2011. Cheers