Power and battery life of the Galaxy S3

Posted on May 24 2012 - 4:42pm by Huzoor Bux

Long before the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S3 was announced that energy efficiency is one of the keywords for 2012 would be – on smartphone field, that is. Samsung said that this is the year where you with your real Galaxy phone the day through, regardless of your usage pattern. Therefore, the Galaxy Samsung S3 not only equipped with a big battery, but also a number of new management options to cut energy consumption as much as possible to your own taste to adjust.

By default, the Galaxy S3 with a power application. It can make simple energy-using functions are adjusted. Thus, it is possible to use the processor speed manually to restrict the vibration of the device for certain operations to turn off, or to the standard browser to give a dark background (less dark = = light energy-efficient, to a AMOLED screen).
In practice, limiting the clock speed of the processor to 1 GHz yields about 10% extra battery life – while the speed difference in use is not noticeable. It is very little that the device for all four of the processor cores deployment at a speed of 1.4 GHz, and for most normal operations is 1 GHz, more than enough.
If we take the battery life of the Galaxy S3 compared with that of the Galaxy S2, it is clear that the improvements Samsung has made enormous. Of course you come up with a Galaxy S2 also the day, but if your hours are browsing, watching video, photos, and emailed a lot, there is a chance that the device before the evening to the chargers. For the Galaxy S3 is even this use is no problem – that’s fine saves throughout the day.
The AnTuTu battery test supports this: the battery of the Galaxy S3 does it better than the S2, and according to this test is more like that of a tablet PC than that of most other Android smartphones.
To make it all in a row set, we compare three ‘usage scenarios’:

  • Call: 80 minutes browsing: 30 min, Twitter and Facebook: 60 min, Music: 90 min, Email: 300 messages, Camera: 20 pictures – Operating time: 18 hours

  • Call: 80 minutes browsing: 30 min, Twitter and Facebook: 60 min Video: 150 min, Email: 300 messages, Camera: 20 pictures – Operating time: 12 hours
  • Call: 30 minutes, browsing and social media: 140 min, Music: 240 min – Operating time: 27 hours
  • Gaming – Operating time: 4-6 hours

Here we could also all the earlier known “standard tests” count:

  • Only call: 10 hours, 20 minutes
  • Only browsing: 5 hours, 17 minutes
  • Only video playback: 10 hours, 1 minute

Conclusion: only in very heavy use, including 2.5 hours of video watching, a lot of email, and a lot of calls, the unit will only last for 12 hours. It is to end with certainty that with a little more normal use without problems is a full day.
Finally, it is nice to note that Samsung TouchWiz S3 with the Galaxy for the first time, features a battery indicator that displays a percentage.


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