Possible only official accessories used (for the Samsung Galaxy S5?)

Posted on Oct 24 2013 - 8:53am by Huzoor Bux

t seems that Samsung is working to test, to ensure that only genuine accessories work with a Galaxy device. Special identification chips And even though these tests may be performed, the Galaxy Note 3 are that we new ‘accessory policy’ only chance this from the Samsung Galaxy S5 really will find.


The idea is of course simple: stop a tiny chip in an accessory, so the phone can recognize whether it is an official product. It should especially think of batteries, chargers, or possibly even tailgates.

On the one hand, of course, a lucrative way to increase sales of own accessories but there is one (important) motivation. Particularly cheap batteries often pose major problems for the user, as this example explode . The “chipping” of an official battery ensures that bad batteries no longer work in the unit.

Those who are worried soon only be able to use Samsung’s own relatively expensive covers: that will not run so fast. Eventually you can just stop anywhere in your phone of course – a cover of another manufacturer. There can be such a special chip not change that.

Moreover, the chances are that course also third parties a license – with chip – can get, so not too limited the range of accessories is. Because although everyone before safety, and against exploding batteries, it is still important that there remains plenty of choice for the user.

The question remains if and when we encounter.’s New, chipped accessories in stores Ultimately, this depends on how the system works. If it is sufficient if a phone over a NFC chip, then there are already a lot of devices with this type of security can be applied. If an appliance itself must have to identify the accessories used with the necessary hardware than the new policy will not emerge in future devices – where the Galaxy S5 natural candidate number one.

Ultimately, our goal is simple: that the use of unsafe batteries or chargers limit is not a bad thing – but let’s hope that Samsung is not too much overshoot in the imposition of restrictions in the choice of other accessories.