Pink Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for sale in Netherlands

Posted on Dec 3 2013 - 7:04am by Huzoor Bux

Yeah, here it is: the pink Samsung Galaxy Note 3  available in the Netherlands. And there is little snake in the grass.

Pink Samsung Galaxy Note 3 one step closer

It was a short wait, but who really like the pink Galaxy Note 3 wants to can him now finally buy domestically. In store Belsimpel to be exact. Solve the unit costs there is currently 741 euros, but as soon as there are more stores available the pink Note 3 have this price will drop soon. Of course you can “combine to a subscription, so the price tag looks different.

However, it is worth noting that there is a snag: if the device can be ordered via Belsimpel – including the store itself mentions – not taking part in the ” 100 euros cash back action from Samsung. This means that Belsimpel the pink Galaxy Note 3 apparently itself import from abroad.

As long as the devices come from the European Union, this is no problem with regard to Samsung’s regional unlocked , and you’ll be on the phone just as Dutch language can be set. Well you will be with such a device Updates at times other than users with a Dutch Note 3 – sometimes later, but with a bit of luck sooner.

However, as I said, because it is not a telephone rings with Dutch EAN number and IMEI code, participation in the cashback action impossible. Just so you know. Wait for the official release is also possible – although we have no assurance that before the end of December, so by the end of the cash back action will happen.