Picture of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo (Update: more pictures, benchmarks)

Posted on Jan 11 2014 - 9:17am by Huzoor Bux

Not long ago we saw the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo the full specifications emerge, and today there is the first picture.


And guess what? The Galaxy Note 3 Neo (left) looks exactly like the slightly larger Galaxy Note 3 (right). Surprising? No, of course not. After all it is really a more compact, and see the hardware slightly more affordable version of that extension.

The latter is one of the few unknown aspects of the Neo 3 Note: the price. Hopefully we come to know that although we may then have to wait until the official unveiling in late February. The device is expected to end in mid-March in stores.


The first photo – above – the Galaxy Note 3 Neo showed only a preview. Meanwhile, the device is to be admired. In various poses Not that this still yields new information: the Note 3 Neo comes from the same design kitchen as the ‘big’ Note 3, indeed the same faux leather boot. Only the camera module on the back looks more like that of the Galaxy S4.

Incidentally, the show simultaneously surfaced benchmark results show that the new processor Note 3 Neo – the hexacore Exynos 5260 SoC – soulfully fine, and least of all midrange delivers performance. In the AnTuTu benchmark test tested Note 3 Neo defeats convincing the Galaxy S4, and takes just under 30,000 points – not much less than its big brother.

All in all, it is questionable whether the Note 3 Neo or the budget ‘s Note, which we first thought this was the case. The hardware is certainly powerful enough to compete with most high end appliances. Of course, the eight megapixel camera and 720p display can not compete with the top of the field, but the processor will certainly be no. All in all, we expect a price well below that of the Note 3 itself, but the cheap Note 3 Neo will still not be.