Oculus acquires Surreal Vision to bring the real world to virtual reality

Posted on May 31 2015 - 12:59pm by Huzoor Bux

This is great news that OCULUS has acquired Surreal Vision that would enable 3D expertise into the virtualized environment, now would be able to be virtually present at a place even tough in reality you aren’t there.

oculus scherzinger

We are all aware about the Oculus Company and it is famous for making the Oculus Rift virtual reality handset and to further the virtual technology it has acquired Surreal Vision and bring forward a new concept called of the virtual reality called the “MIX REALITY”. It would have real plus virtualized contents as well that can be clearly seen in the Microsoft’s Hololen’s Project.

The Surreal Vision was founded by 3 researchers from the Imperial College, it is a group of three high-flying PhDs in the field of real-time scene reconstruction, and the UK-based squad will join Oculus Research in Redmond, Washington to continue their work and they are anxiously willing to capture, interpret, manage and analyze a break through technique by which the user would also be able to see a mixture of virtual and reality and would lead to VR and AR systems that can be used in any condition even in the day and night time.

The company is working on it to bring perfection to the concept of mix reality as they would be working with Oculus as the goal of Surreal Vision is to perfectly capture and reconstruct the outside world in the virtual environment in a way that the user would be able to distinguish between real and virtual and when this happens you would have extra ordinary benefits, it would be like having a meeting on the mars from the comfort of your own office.