No, this is not the metal frame of the Samsung Galaxy S5

Posted on Nov 23 2013 - 4:59am by Huzoor Bux

Much as we’d like to, today there are no pictures leaked from the metal frame of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Really. Oh, you wonder how it is with those pictures of the metal frame of the Galaxy S5 leaked today?


The real question is why the suggestion is made that the frame at all in the photos is for the Galaxy S5. A recess in the camera angle? A USB connection that is too narrow to be a USB (which since the Samsung Note 3 used)? 3.0 connection A frame that is wider than that of the Galaxy S4, while Samsung launches just devices that are no wider despite a bigger screen than their predecessors? A headphone jack on the bottom while always on top of Samsung’s devices?


No sorry, this frame can belong to any one unknown device – preferably one that does not come from the pen of Samsung, given all visible properties.

Do not get us wrong – we would love to see a flagship smartphone Samsung finally build with a metal body. But this here is not a flagship smartphone from Samsung. Quite apart from the fact that a metal frame says nothing about the rest of the body naturally.

Whether we are hopelessly wrong, and we are all still gazing at the evidence that the Galaxy S5 of metal will be? Tell us, because secretly we certainly hope we’re wrong.