No optical image stabilization for the Samsung Galaxy S5

Posted on Nov 30 2013 - 10:23am by Huzoor Bux

It seems that the Korean ETNews today a special Samsung Galaxy S5 editors have been appointed because they swing messages over the phone several times a day is currently the world. After the news about two variants Galaxy S5  and the next Galaxy Gear  – which together with the S5 launched to go to – is still hobbled back the assertion that the S5 itself does not have optical image stabilization (OIS) function.


The story goes that Samsung could not produce enough components – or buy elsewhere – to the Galaxy S4, then the Galaxy Note 3 of OIS to provide. And this is also the case for the Galaxy S5, where there is still hope that at least the Galaxy Note 4 on this rather important piece of optical technology will be available.

In itself this is of course all quite correct. Yet it is questionable whether it is a good idea to stop a resolution of up to a camera in the Galaxy S5 sixteen megapixel , without it meaningful image stabilization. The answer to this question is of course: no.

Does this say that Samsung, by definition, OIS will fit inside the machine? Of course not – after all illogical does not inconceivable. And so we have to wait but just as good off, until more and more reliable information before drawing conclusions.