Nice, that Galaxy Nexus gear with you … 5!

Posted on Jan 22 2014 - 8:47am by Huzoor Bux

It has been some months since – more or less – showed that Samsung’s Galaxy Gear possibly could with non-Galaxy smartphones, possibly even compatible with other manufacturers . And guess what? It’s true! Or at least, it is possible with a little ingenuity to the Nexus 5 to work with the gear together.


It should be no surprise that members of the XDA forum here a big finger in the pie appear to have. Trick – or nouja, trick, it just makes sense – that should be on the Nexus 5th Gear Manager app installed.

For a detailed explanation of the steps it is best to consult the manual SmartWatch Fans HERE . You can find there also all the necessary files, including Gear Manager and ATN app that allows you to send phone. All of notifications For more details and technical background you should really be on XDA, and it HERE .

The day that Samsung itself ensures that you can use with any smartphone, the Galaxy Gear is still not arrived, but the beginning – albeit unofficially – is there. Which tribute!