Nextbit robin launched, the first “cloud first” it Android smartphone

Posted on Oct 6 2015 - 7:38am by Huzoor Bux

Having many experts from Google ,Apple and Htc.

Nextbit , a mobile company has launched it’s most awaited and affordable first Android smartphone.
The handset presents a flagship stature hardware.

Nextbit robin launched, the first cloud first it Android smartphone

It was disclosed in August that the Nextbit company plots to inaugurate a “fri**in awesome” smartphone.
This is justified as the aim of ‘Robin’ is to solve bothersome problems we face on our smartphones i.e limited storage . It solves this problem as it provides it’s users with a cloud based storage option.

This is done by the automatic uploading of photos and other documents to the cloud.  The cloud is a personal 100GB storage box awarded to each user of the cell . You can move your data to cloud as soon as you plug it into a charging port or connect it to a wifi.

It has been revealed that ‘Robins’ ,flaunts a 5.2 inch full HD (1080*1920 pixels ) display which is embodied in a modish casing, that is available in ywo vibrant colours (Mint and Midnight)?

The handset is rumored to be powered by Qual comm’s hexa core Snap dragon 808- processor.
It supports 3GB of RAM at 32GB internal storage but is devoid of a microSD card slot.

Furthermore, its features include a 2680mAhin battery, a 13-mega pixel back camera and a five pixel front camera along with a charging port of type C .

Being a single sim supporting smartphone it’s connectivity options include LTE , 3G and wifi.

It is known to be an android device, but the specifications are not yet known.

The company has announced that the handset is fully carrier unlocked and the device’s bootloader is also kept unlocked , that gives the user freedom to choose thier own preferred custom Android ROMS to use.

The smartphone is being sold by a kickstarter campaign. It could be bought through kickstarter through a 500,000 dollar funding goal.

The first thousand backers can secure a handset for about $299 that is about Rs 19,800 ,others will have to purchase it for the cost of $348the i.e Rs 23,100 to purchase the device in the 30 days.

After that the company has decided that it will start selling it at the price of $399 estimatedly Rs 26,400 .

The shipping of Robin will begin in january 2016 .