New Samsung Galaxy S Health system S5 shows new design

Posted on Feb 5 2014 - 12:03pm by Huzoor Bux

Little by little we are getting to see more of the Samsung Galaxy S5 . Not the device itself, of course, that will remain a secret until (just before) the launch in March. But after the new WatchON , S Voice and Lifetimes apps, is now the next generation of the S Health Fitness application floating above.

New Samsung Galaxy S Health system S5 shows new design

The new S Health app, which is only logical that it will be part of the new TouchWiz interface of the Galaxy S5, does exactly the same as the other previously surfaced applications: providing a glimpse at Samsung’s innovative software design.

S Health underwent a similar transformation: everything looks tighter and simpler out. The ‘flat’ design makes for a less cluttered interface, and Samsung seems – seems, for it is obviously too early to draw any real conclusions – working to establish a more uniform style.

Not only does the design of Health S has been changed. A quick look at the screenshots seems to indicate a significant expansion of the arsenal of accessories that can be added to S Health and smartphone which it is used. Linked

Incidentally, these new S Health, like other apps recently shown, taken from the firmware of a Samsung smartphone model number SM-G900H – a device that possible but far from certain, a variant of the Galaxy S5. But even though it appears the SM-G900H not be the Galaxy S5 still so chances are that we will see. The new design of the interface first on the S5.

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