New operation by means of gestures to the Galaxy S3

Posted on May 11 2012 - 4:38am by Huzoor Bux

Last year, Samsung has introduced some pretty handy ways to use the Galaxy S2, such as, by tilting the device with two fingers on the screen to zoom in or out. S3 with the Galaxy, the integration of ‘gestures’ – gestures – a lot further. On a video of TV XDA, XDA-known fact of the community we see some new possibilities – some are touching the screen is completely unnecessary.

Thus it is possible to make a screenshot from your hand to wipe the device, or to pause a video through your hand on the phone to explain. Even nicer, we find the opportunity, if you go through a long list of scrolling you – for instance contacts – short on the top of the phone tapping at one time to go back to the beginning of list.

How useful are these methods of control remains to be seen – a video playback is otherwise not much work – but at least it gives a fair picture of what is now possible with a smart phone that is so packed with sensors as the Samsung Galaxy S3 .