New apps for the Samsung Galaxy S5 surfaced

Posted on Feb 5 2014 - 11:55am by Huzoor Bux

That the Samsung Galaxy S5  a completely revamped TouchWiz interface will get, is no surprise. Still, it’s nice to advance to capture how the software of the device there Zoal can come to see. Glimpse of one or two Last week we showed you a possible new MP3 app , and today we see the new design of S Voice and a completely new application:  Lifetimes.

New apps for the Samsung Galaxy S5 surfaced

Lifetimes seems to be, whereby it is possible to extract information from multiple channels, a kind of automatic diary – to combine into a whole -. pictures, e-mails, social media Featuring the smash slogan ” everytime your episode ‘ we get the impression that the application is not yet complete. But such a way that the presence of the Galaxy S5 is more or less predictable.

Furthermore, we see a completely redesigned S Voice application, which looks a lot tighter than the current version. The design matches quite well with Samsung’s recent magazine interface, and although not argue about taste is, at least the simple, sleek appearance. Pleases us