Modern Combat 3 Fallen Nation Shadowgun

Posted on Sep 15 2012 - 3:31pm by Huzoor Bux

If we’re nice, free games to match his, would like the following come up: Modern Combat 3 – Fallen Nation is now, like Asphalt 7 , free for owners of Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung Apps.

Modern Combat 3 Fallen Nation is perhaps the best FPS – First Person Shooter – within the Android system. The concept is of course well known: run around, play missions, shoot a lot. There must be fought bad people, because it is war. Modern Combat 3 consists of 13 missions, all over the world will be generated. But of course you can also enjoy online against other gamers.
As always, we give here the warning: install the game via a WiFi connection. There must be quite a lot to be downloaded before you can play. You can find Modern Combat 3 Samsung Apps, or HERE.

Besides Modern Combat 3 is currently Shadowgun – The Left Over freely downloadable at Samsung Apps ( HERE ). Shadowgun is a sci-fi shooter, where you have an ultimate BadGuy to detect. Just like Modern Combat 3 Shadowgun looks fantastic, with very nice graphical effects.
Thus, every gamer with a Samsung Galaxy S3 may encounter a lot this weekend with the above games, Asphalt and 7.