Microsoft Released “Windows Surface RT”

Posted on Nov 1 2012 - 11:20am by Huzoor Bux

Now Microsoft released the Surface RT, the 1st Windows device to be designed and built by the company itself rather than by one of its hardware partners. Another thing of the Surface RT is that, it is the only model currently available, has an ARM processor and runs Windows RT. An Intel-based version, called Surface Pro, is in process.

Windows RT is a variant of Windows 8, but locked down so that you cannot install desktop applications. That means no existing Windows software will run – only what comes pre-installed or what you download from the Windows Store. The latter will run in the new “tablet” personality within Windows 8.

Nevertheless, Surface RT does include the classic Windows desktop, though in Windows 8 form (ie without the traditional start menu), and Microsoft includes most of Office Home and Student edition: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.


Still, do not depreciate the power of an huge install base: Apple desktops are still in the minority (and Chromebooks even more so) — meaning the majority of businesses and consumers will still be looking for a Windows-based device next time they upgrade.

The existence of Surface Tablet will at least give those buyers an option for a Windows tablet that has not existed until now, in that case, Microsoft done its job. And as I’ve pointed out elsewhere, hardware is a key way of owning the relationship with the consumer, so being in the hardware business with the Surface (and most likely Microsoft-built phones in future) is now necessary.
(Via ZDNet)