Metal body Samsung Galaxy S5 almost certain

Posted on Dec 3 2013 - 12:52pm by Huzoor Bux

Oh, what have we talked a lot about whether or not the metal casing of the Samsung Galaxy S5 . Last week there was to read that the Galaxy S5 available in two versions in the market, one of which is indeed wrapped in a metal body. News from Taiwan makes us believe today – at least, try this – that the metal body of the device is virtually certain.


Some time ago it became clear that the Samsung Taiwanese company Catcher Technology had approached the production of casings for a smartphone. According to today’s post will Catcher indeed going to deliver. between 10 and 30 million cases That’s a lot, but not enough by far for a top model Galaxy S as the S5. Other cases must then be produced by the Chinese company BYD , and another Taiwanese manufacturer Ju Teng .

Of course, all this is not in contradiction with the ‘two versions’ rumor. If the above manufacturers together – let’s call a number – around 50 million cases making, there are still not enough to complete the sale of a flagship Galaxy to, um, economical packaging. Unless it so, but at about half the production is – the other half is provided with the cheaper plastic body.

Also, it is of course possible that the order numbers mentioned initial orders – the other fifty million copies will then supposedly later

We’re the first to recommend a grain of salt for the consumption of this kind of news, but secretly begins the aluminum-body-for-the-Galaxy-S5-story still get. Clear form Yet we keep in mind that rumors of metallic enclosures with each new attractive, high Samsung emerge – even the Galaxy S3 was at that time already accompanied by similar rumors , which then turned out not true.

But who knows.