May still no optical image stabilization for the Samsung Galaxy S5

Posted on Nov 1 2013 - 7:17am by Huzoor Bux

As a manufacturer, you surely want nothing more than absurd numbers of people to buy your product. Samsung has that right to complain about anything , but the large numbers who are of a flagship smartphone – like the Samsung Galaxy S5 later in 2014 – provide specific limitations. So it could be that this Galaxy S5 soon no camera with optical image stabilization (OIS) get.


Um, what? No camera with OIS for Samsung’s success? That is indeed suggest some reports in the South Korean media. The problem is that Samsung’s suppliers are unlikely to deliver to rest with this gadget. Enough from the Galaxy S5 necessary components So how much Samsung wants: this problem is of course quite fundamental.

One possible solution, and one that Samsung has long been doing, is to produce itself the necessary parts. But this must be done in time. In other words, this ‘OIS issue’ might just mean that the launch of the Galaxy S5 is delayed longer than is sometimes assumed .

The latter should moreover be taken with a grain of salt, since speculation about release dates always quite, um, is speculative. Eventually only knows itself when a new Samsung phone was actually planned, and for what reasons a device earlier, later, or exactly revealed. This date And Samsung’s new Galaxy S handsets come when it comes to the crunch always late April, early May on the market – regardless of the amount of wild rumors.

Fact is that a 16 megapixel camera – as expected in the Galaxy S5 – can not close without good stabilization. What did you accomplish such a high resolution, if you can not keep the camera lens quiet enough Therefore hope that Samsung is a solution to this difficult dilemma.