Lenovo’s upcoming 5-inch 1080p phone

Posted on Nov 17 2012 - 9:42am by Huzoor Bux


By now you should already know that HTC, Sharp and Oppo share a common theme: 1080p display on their 5-inch cell phones. As it turns out, Lenovo also wants in on the VIP list. Spotted on Sina Weibo earlier this week (but have since been deleted) are the above 3 screenshots showing off Lenovo’s customized Android UI in 1080p glory. As with many mobiles in China now a days, the device in question supports dual-SIM connectivity — the screenshots indicate that it’s connected to China Telecom’s CDMA2000 network and China Mobile’s 2G network simultaneously.

Our own source would not directly confirm that it’s a 5-inch display on this mysterious phone, but we were told that it’ll be somewhere between 4.5 inches and 5.5 inches — we will take that as a yes, especially since the only 1080p mobile panels available right now are the 5-inch, 440ppi ones from Sharp and JDI. Our source also said the phone’s entered DVT (Design Verification Test) phase for some time, so it might not be long before we hear an official announcement in China. As always, stay tuned.

( Source EnGadget )

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