Iran made 3rd Solar Car

Posted on Apr 17 2011 - 6:28pm by akhtar

Tehran: Irani scientists have made a new car which can run with solar energy, its opening ceremony done in the 16th International Oil, Gas refining and Petrochemical exhibition.

The solar car weighing 150 kgs is named “Ghazni 2” by the Iranians. The car is made with the cooperation of  Iranian fuel conservation. Iran has already made two cars of the same technology but this one is 100 kgs lighter in weight with respect to the last one made by Iran.

This car can move to a speed of 150 km/h and it has solar panel fixed which gives energy to the batteries and the batteries support the car to move.

You should be aware that the 16th International oil, Gas refining and petrochemical exhibition started in Tehran from 15th of April 2011. In this exhibition 927 Irani companies and 460 companies of other countries participated.