iPhone now Having 360 degree view

Posted on Apr 6 2011 - 6:36pm by akhtar

Eyesee 360 has created a lens that easily attaches to an iPhone’s latest model 4, and gives the user the ability to shoot in 360 degrees. That doesn’t mean that you can film something and later see everything that happens around you, but it does give you a unique ability to pan, as you see in the video above.

I am assuming that some sort of App has to be on the iPhone in order to do that finger-sweeping pans that you see here. It is definitely made for those that love the iPhone and want to use it to do some serious film-making.

There is no price for this just yet, as this is a Kickstarter project. They are the guys that need the money to make their device a reality, and if you donate a certain amount, you can have a GoPano Micro when it goes into production.