iPhone 6 and its vibration: what we still can surprise

Posted on Jul 16 2014 - 11:24pm by Huzoor Bux

The more photos of the various components iPhone 6 comes online, the faster melts hope to be surprised by anything even during autumn presentation Apple. Hopefully on previously announced functions, however, and their struggling to disclose prematurely. Chinese resource Laoyaoba announces new features vibrating motor in the future smartphone. Let’s break down what exactly is at stake.

iPhone 6 and its vibration what we still can surprise

September 21, 2010, Apple filed a patent application entitled “Touch UI with tactile feedback.” March 22, 2012 it was published. February 19, 2013 the company acquired the rights to a patent that describes all of the same feedback, but localized directly under the appropriate interface elements. This patent is entitled “Method of Localization haptic feedback.”

According to the technology described in patents, the iPhone screen will respond in those places where you touch and speak clearly is using vibrations. Hard to imagine what it looks like, but it sure does not sound very appealing to those who tried typing on Android-smartphone-enabled keyboard vibration. I think you’ll agree, this pleasant little.

With what the Chinese have decided that these patents will be implemented in the iPhone 6? As in many other leaks, here played an important role supply chain. According to unconfirmed information, the vibration motor in the iPhone 6 will be different from that used in the previous model. What is the difference – they do not, but worth it for $ 0.60 more expensive, which probably says about some best qualities.

While this information is devoid of any more weighty arguments, I propose to reflect on the demand for this technology. Personally, I still do not believe that the vibration – this is what I miss in iPhone, although surely this function would be useful to someone, being located in the “Universal Access”. Also admit that the constant vibration of a very negative impact on battery life. Are they needed?