iOS 8 is installed on 50% of Apple mobile devices

Posted on Oct 29 2014 - 2:20pm by Huzoor Bux

Six weeks after the release of iOS 8, ​​finally, set at 52% of mobile devices Apple. At the same time in the last 2 weeks the number of installations platform increased by as much as 4% – this after weeks of stagnation caused by the uncertainty of the users as a product.

iOS 8 is installed on 50% of Apple mobile devices

The sharp rise in the number of installations began after 20 October, when a version iOS 8.1 , which has a number of innovations (eg, support for Apple Pay , the return of “Films”, the advent of beta-version of iCloud Photo Library). In addition, the new version has corrected some errors predecessors (eg, problems with the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi).

iOS 8 Adoption

Release iOS 8 can not be called successful – the system had a number of bugs that are pretty scared of Apple fans and forced the company urgently “plug holes”. However, the update also were not without drawbacks, one of the “rescue” versions even had to remove from access , as it provoked even more devices to malfunction.

It made people not to rush to upgrade to the new platform. Given that the growth of the adepts “eight” is seen again, probably fears came to naught, and the pros cons of using new items exceeded its non-use.