Interview at Apple: is it so easy?

Posted on Dec 17 2014 - 7:00am by Huzoor Bux

Interview at Apple campus

What’s it like – to work in the most expensive company in the world? Jeremy Fu is one of the few who shared his precious experience of becoming a part of the “apple” of the company. We begin, perhaps, with the most pleasant – directly from the invitation to go to work. When Apple offers workplace their future employees, it sends it in a special package, very similar to that same box, which provided “apple” of the device.

“Good design, excellent impression of unpacking and great quality material,” – Jeremy Fu, who was trying to become a member of as much as much as 4 times. The first time was quite instructive. Apple found it through social network LinkedIn. Upon successful completion of the interview on the phone, he was given the task to write the code. Review of the code turned out to be awful.

«Apple to find fault with almost every decision in the design of my work. Naturally, it was obvious that this attempt to become Apple employee turned bad. But I also realized how high bar employee such a level and a huge amount of work to be done. “

The next few years were spent working in a variety of start-ups around the world (including his own). In June this year, Apple once again found Jeremy to offer him a position in the department dealing with Apple TV. Unfortunately, his resume does not satisfy the requirements of the team. Nevertheless headhunters tried to arrange Jeremy in other departments, but this time he has failed to pass an interview. Since then he has not heard anything from the company. But only until September.

In early autumn, the team Apple TV tweeted about vacancies, which decided to respond Jeremy. Hope springs eternal, and this time everything went well. He was able to go through all the telephone interview, after which he was invited to a personal interview directly at the upcoming job. He described the process of recruitment:

“They are all fully paid. On Thursday I arrived at their destination, rented a car and got to the hotel. The next day the interview took place in the composition of the two interviewers of 5 sessions, each lasting 45 minutes plus a lunch break. It was probably the most difficult and stressful job interview that I’ve ever had to go through to get a job. Nevertheless, I am very grateful to Apple, because there was a heap of unnecessary questions about programming, which usually have to respond electronically, sitting at the computer. Only discuss the most important issues, most of which I have encountered in their work. Some of them have even been on my philosophical ideas in the realities of engineering. “

After the interview, he went home, not knowing about the results. But soon he had a job offer through FedEx, and he will begin work in January.