Intel Ultrabook launch

Posted on Mar 21 2012 - 10:18am by Huzoor Bux

Karachi, March 11, 2012Intel Corporation unveiled its vision to re-invent mobile computing once again with introduction of a new class of device that delivers the most complete and satisfying computing experience, called the Ultrabook™.

Intel’s research shows that people want technology to help them get things done, be more productive, and to learn and advance themselves. People also want to in control, know that their identity is protected, and that their data could be safeguarded if a computer is stolen or lost.

People want to express themselves and create, whether it’s putting together an online photo scrapbook, editing the next blockbuster family movie, creating a blog, or creating music. They want to connect with others and share those creations. They also want seamless, immersive experiences, be it while playing a game, watching the latest show or movie, or simply surfing the Web, or putting the polishing touches on that big presentation. The Ultrabook device aims to deliver on these desires and more.

The new class of must-have, no-compromise notebooks will increasingly deliver best-in-class performance, built-in security and will be ultra responsive and ultra sleek in thin, light and sexy designs.

With substantially longer battery life and offered at mainstream price points, Intel expects the Ultrabook device be as transformational to mobile computing as Intel® Centrino® Mobile technology was more than eight years ago. The first Ultrabook devices hit the market for holiday 2011, with more coming in 2012.


  • The Ultrabook device is an emerging new breed of no-compromise computers that will increasingly combine best-in-class performance, improved responsiveness and battery life, and built-in security in thin, elegant, must-have mobile designs.
  • Ultrabook devices will arrive in three phases, each adding more exciting features (touch, security, faster wake-on-resume, etc.) and sleeker, thinner designs, beginning with first coming to market for holiday 2011.
  • Intel is investing significant money and resources to create and accelerate the Ultrabook device class. This includes the $300 million Ultrabook Fund from Intel Capital that invests in companies around the globe that are innovating in hardware, software, battery technology, and design.

Key Ultrabook™ Targeted Features

  1. Thin/light designs
  2. Less than 21 mm thick; some are much thinner
  3. Ultra-fast start-up
  4. In addition to supporting third-party solutions, Intel is developing and bringing to market
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