I would like to see in the Nexus 6?

Posted on Aug 25 2014 - 11:15am by Huzoor Bux

I would like to see in the Nexus 6

Representatives line Nexus – totally unique device. In addition to the actual performance and a clean version of the operating system Android, smartphones from Google highlighted another feature. It is natural, talking about their producing companies, which periodically replace each other. Regardless of who is responsible for the production of Nexus this time , we would like to see in it some changes. What are they? Let’s find out.

More memory

Do you remember how memory could boast the fourth iteration of the Nexus smartphone during a presentation? Our colleagues from pocketnow reported that initially the device from LG was available in two versions – with 8 or 16 GB of internal memory. However, soon Google representatives realized their mistake and took less capacious version of the production.

I would like to see in the Nexus 6 - 2

Today’s flagship comes with 16 and 32 GB of memory. But the main audience of the owners of Nexus – people who understand the technology and use the smartphone capabilities to the maximum. Why not expand the memory capacity of the new generation at least twice?

More speakers

Holder of the fifth model of this line certainly understands what now will be discussed. That’s right, the speaker called Nexus 5 good is possible only with great reserve. That is why many are dreaming about the introduction of the next model of the stereo speakers, which even remotely resemble the sound BoomSound from HTC. Each of us sometimes likes to listen to music in an apartment or watch a movie, right?

New display

The opinions of fans of gadgets on display Nexus 5 more dispersed. Someone called it too faded, while others praised the excellent calibration. However, it is not in this.

I would like to see in the Nexus 6 camera

The need to use AMOLED-proven technology of Motorola, which has surprised the world flagship feature called Active Display. The meaning of the latter is to show notifications virtually no load on the battery. See something like this in the new “Google Phone” would be just fine.

Functional Case

Today cover – not just protecting your device from scratches, but also a convenient way to interact with it. Prove it worked creators LG G3 , corporate cover which allows quick access to the most popular features. Those wishing to buy Nexus 6 probably would have paid attention to a similar analogue.

I would like to see in the Nexus 6 all

And what, in your opinion, should not forget the creators of the new corporate smart phone from Google? Share your opinion in the comments.