Huawei tests 2Tbps data transmission over Vodafone’s German network

Posted on Jan 25 2013 - 10:17am by Huzoor Bux


As terabit speeds go, recent Huawei’s fiber feat drops on the last end of industry success. At 2Tbps, the Chinese company’s field test 1 it’s attracts as a “World’s 1st” — comes nowhere close to the 100Tbps-plus experiments taken by the likes of NEC and NICT. But top speed is not the whole point, original world performance is. By advantage of existing fiber infrastructure owned by Vodafone across the whole parts of lower Germany, Huawei was able to show 2 record-breaking, 200G transmissions: 1 spanning 1,500km and the second 3,325km over an “ultra-long-haul solution” successfully. To give you a bit of view on just what kind of data haul theoretical networks of this sort can success, Huawei said, this ultra-fast connectivity is “equal to 40HD videos  download in just 1sec” Wow.