Huawei release its 2012 financial report, profits up by 33%

Posted on Jan 22 2013 - 7:03am by Huzoor Bux

Huawei has said that its financial report for 2012 and the company’s year has ended the on a high note with its profits up by 33%. The company claims to reach the effective growth in 2012 by focusing on streamlining management and improving efficiency.

The overall net profit is reported at CNY 15.4 billion, which is a 33% increase from the last year. Furthermore, the Chinese manufacturer expects its global sales income to reach CNY 220.2 billion, an 8 percent year by year expand.


70% or more than of Huawei’s profit was reportedly generated from serving leading telecom operators, including World’s top 45. Moreover, Huawei’s 3 business groups have share their part to its income with steady growth. All in all, the firm seems to have bounced back and expects its overall income to rise by 10% to 12% by the end of 2013.