How to take good pictures on the smartphone, if the court of the night

Posted on Aug 26 2014 - 8:52am by Huzoor Bux
How to take good pictures on the smartphone, if the court of the night

How to take good pictures on the smartphone, if the court of the night

Shooting in low light conditions – this is what smartphone manufacturers do not stop paying your attention. That will increase the pixels to ultra-size, the laser will add for instant focus. Try, in a word. And all because of that night can really look fascinating, and it wants to capture. If you share this view, then you may need some advice from PhoneArena , how to make a night photo on a smartphone the most successful.

Hold your breath

Hold your breath

Do you know what the main difference between the shooting day and night? It is certain hours dark, i.e. less light and thus the matrix cameras need more time in order to collect the light available. To increase this time, camera settings should increase the exposure.

But it is not so simple. The fact that even a slight movement of the hand when shooting an extended exposure can cause you to add to the description of the resulting photos hashtag #blur. In other words, in such moments, the pictures are more prone to “smear”. Phones, cameras, which are equipped with optical stabilization, by itself, this effect is less threatening, yet to the end they are not spared from it.

What to do? Well, we certainly are not going to recommend that you use a tripod for mobile camera, but advise to hold the device tightly, or perhaps even to find him (or hands) additional support like a table or column can.

And, you can hold your breath a little bit, snipers also helps.

Only time will

nokia smartphone

We have found that an extra hand tremors can not help you. Okay, let’s say you – a cyborg with mechanical hands, and this problem is familiar to you. Nevertheless, you still have a chance to get a blurry picture, the matter is that moment of pressing the “descent”.

Modern smartphones take pictures very quickly, almost instantly after pressing the button. But in the dark it is playing against us, because in this way we give the machine in motion.

Help with this feature is designed to delay the shutter release, which after clicking on the “descent” waits for the user-defined time before you make the shot.

Yes Force be with you

Yes Force be with you

In most applications, the cameras from manufacturers, there is a special “night mode”, written by the company, taking into account the characteristics and features of your smartphone. Of course, it does not embody the magic button “make good.” It can both help and make things worse, and may not have any effect. But give it a try to help is definitely worthwhile.

Everybody out of the gloom!

Everybody out of the gloom

Flash in the smartphone – is not only a torch unlit porch. It also can be used as intended, that is, for a photo. In today’s devices can be seen as one and two LED-flashlight, and some of the gadgets and all are equipped with xenon. Of course, it should be used!

But even the most powerful flash becomes useless if the subject is too far away from her. Needless to say, that it is not able to assist you in shooting distant objects or landscapes.

In fact, the twofold increase of the distance between the flash and the subject results in a fourfold decrease strikes it quantity of light. True, however, and the converse: if get too much, it is likely the picture will be marred.

The optimal distance to the flash varies depending on the phone, but should come out nice if you will be at a distance of 0.6 to 2 meters away from what or whom you’re shooting.

And what other secrets night shooting you could share?