Happy Birthday Firefox!

Posted on Nov 10 2012 - 6:28am by Huzoor Bux

Today Mozilla Foundation released the 1st version of the Firefox browser.

Yes, Firefox turns 8 years old today. Breed from the ruins of Netscape and the evolution of the Mozilla Navigator browser, Firefox had a very specific aim: topple the near monopoly of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

Beginnings: A Simple Mission:

In the starting, though Mozilla did call its browser “Firefox.” The original name (in April 2003) was meant to be Phoenix, but Mozilla ran afoul of Phoenix Technologies, which had a resemblance of its own browser at the time. Mozilla then thought it would call the browser “Firebird.” but that didn’t work either, as the Firebird database server already had the name. Firefox was chosen for its similarity to Firebird, but Mozilla then learned that a group in the UK owned the trademark to Firefox, which delayed the browser’s release. Mozilla worked out a licensing agreement and Firefox was born.


A look back at 8 years of Firefox makes it clear while Mozilla challenges have remained constant, but the context has changed. While Google, Apple and Microsoft try to control the user experience through their (mostly) closed native ecosystems, Mozilla wants to bring the Web back as the central user experience in cell phones. The first Firefox OS devices are due to ship sometime in 2013 and will initially be focused on foreign markets, such as Latin America.

Mozilla is adapting to the evolution of computing, but it remains to be seen if its new plan will be enough to keep Firefox relevant.
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