Great: VP of Samsung confirms arrival Galaxy S5 at MWC

Posted on Jan 3 2014 - 5:56am by Huzoor Bux

Look, we are obviously in the wrong parties. Or at least not at parties where high-ranking employees of Samsung casually by disseminating information about the upcoming attractive, high, the Galaxy S5 . Anyway, we were not in the Shilla Hotel in Seoul during the New Year.


The senior employee in question is Dong-hoon Chang, and he named – said the South Korean tabloids – rumors of a launch of the Galaxy S5 during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in late February ” about right. ” He also knew from the sipping his drink by reporting that the device of a ‘new material’ would be made, and that Samsung are still unsure about using a flexible screen in the unit. Furthermore, it was very nice, and it was pretty late that night.

Grab the grains of salt, because how informative Chang’s statements also appear during the New Year, we are not very much wiser. Be Rumors of a revelation that ‘ about right ‘ are – we can still do something with. At least, if we assume that Chang no margin of error of plus or minus one month applies. And so we just assume that he is indeed a launch around the MWC confirms, in which case we gamble on a Unpacked event the night before the great stock market actually starts.

The new material in question, that Samsung would use for the Galaxy S5 can of course be anything. Before you begin to hope for – finally! – An aluminum device, you must also remember that he may have that is similar to the Galaxy 3’s as good a case. In this case, there is indeed a new material used, with respect to the Galaxy S4 – plastic faux leather, to (more or less) be precise.

And that flexible screen: it has long been clear that Samsung is currently totally not able to bend enough – curved, as is flexibility certainly not happen – to produce screens. This technology is therefore still too much in its infancy. What is possible, at least on paper, is a premium version of the Galaxy S5 – indeed, the Galaxy F ! – With such a screen. At least, if we assume that this device so premium – read: expensive – is that there will be in a year at most a few million sold.

And so we do not know much, except that the risk of introduction of the Galaxy S5 late February is indeed significant. What is nice to think that in South Korea apparently true paparazzi exist that parties with senior industrialists scour to gossip about … new phones. And the gossip that they CENTERS while she stood as a houseplant dressed quietly in a corner be further discussed in the farthest corners of the world.

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