Google Play App Store surpassed by the number of applications

Posted on Jan 21 2015 - 6:57am by Huzoor Bux

Google Play App Store surpassed by the number of applications

In choosing between the iPhone and Android smartphones important role always played a range of app store. Apple has always been proud of the huge showcases applications for a variety of needs. But nothing lasts forever, and it’s time to give up the leadership of Google. According appFigures, in Google Play applications become more than the App Store.

New Year’s app store Google Play greeted with 1.43 million applications. App Store at the time boasted 1.21 million. Shop for the first time Google has overtaken Apple in the number of available applications. But the number of new developers attracted to the store Apple beats Google for the third year in a row. 388,000 developers had to Google Play, and 282 thousand – in the App Store.

It is believed that Apple is to blame in such circumstances. The company has very strict requirements for developers, and run the application on Google Play eventually becomes much easier and faster. This is indeed the case. But on the basis of this we can conclude that Apple is more concerned with the quality of the application, rather than their quantity.

It is worth noting the difference in the development of stores. Last year in the App Store in the list of the fastest growing categories of applications includes: Business, Food & Beverage, Lifestyle and Social Networks. For Google Play growing categories – are games, photography and music.

One can not fail to touch the issue of profitability as the Google Play app store. The only method to make it – it spoil your app advertising. For example look no further than necessary. It should also be noted that not all developers are in a hurry to run Android-version simultaneously with the launch on iOS, and a list of applications for professionals in the Google Play lame.