Google Made Life a bit More Easier with its new Quick Flight Search

Posted on May 29 2011 - 6:53am by akhtar

Google just made it more easier to quickly get flight information. Now you can type “flights from [a city] to [another city] in the Google search window, and it’ll quickly display a summary of flight information right there on the results page.

Could it get any easier? We tested this new feature that was announced Friday on Google’s Inside Search blog, and it works beautifully, especially if you’re talking about major cities.

For instance, type “khi to london”, and you’ll get a list of flights when you click on the resulting drop-down list:

Want some more easy steps just type “flights khi” and Google will helpfully show you each flight to Karachi, Pakistan from all airports, including various airlines and flight duration. Type 

“flights from [your airport here]” and inquire about the

flights originate from your local airport.

It works in 10 languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Turkish and Catalan.

It’s not quite so easy if your destination is not served by a nonstop flight. For example, we tried entering “flights from Milwaukee to Tahiti” and got nothing but the usual list of travel sites.

There are a lot of trick searches you can do on Google that have been around for a while. A favorite of ours is to do quick conversions of currency, weights and measures using the power of Google. For example, type “300 gbp in usd” (which stands for 300 Great Britain pounds in U.S. dollars) and you’ll immediately see the answer: $494.19. The key word there is “in”. It’s especially handy with metric conversion. Try this one: “250 km in miles.”

It is really nice as I felt to have a schedule about the flights at your finger tips. 

Thanks, Google.