Google decided to shut down google videos on 29th April 2011

Posted on Apr 16 2011 - 8:42pm by Huzoor Bux

Google has finally decided that its native video service, Google Video should bite the dust. Primarily what used to be YouTube’s arch rival, has for long been forgotten about. Now, Google has sent an email to those users who had uploaded content on to Google Video telling them that the service won’t be hosting any more videos after April 29, 2011 and that they are advised to download their videos and upload them on YouTube instead, which is also a Google owned property.

It was back in May 2009 that Google had rolled back the option of uploading videos on to Google Video, however the company had assured users that Google would continue to host their content. However, this report is likely to irk those users who have significant amount of videos uploaded on the service and it would definitely be a nuisance for them to firstdownload all of those videos and upload them on to YouTube.