Glimpse of TouchWiz future (on the Galaxy S5?) Interface adapts to your hand

Posted on Dec 3 2013 - 7:16am by Huzoor Bux

samsung-touchwiz-patent-galaxyclub-info-1There’s been a lot of discussion about what off-screen on a smartphone is ideal. Growing monitors allow you to browse, although becoming finer and videos and pictures look, but many people can have their t oxygen apparatus, let alone a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 , do not operate it with one hand. Now that’s not a problem, but for example, offers Samsung Galaxy Note 3 precisely those countless options to make. single-handed operation as possible And if we have a recently published patent – with the somewhat boring entitled Method and Apparatus or Controlling User Interface Using Touch Screen – may believe there will be more opportunities for one-handed operation. The key question then naturally arises in our mind is equal or this might be a new feature of – yes – the Samsung Galaxy S5 .

This patent – unearthed from the basement of the World Intellectual Property Organization , or WIPO – was filed on May 21, but only 28 published last November. It is quite a technical treatise, but the patent describes – features pictures! – A method to adjust to a graphical interface to the comfort zone of the user.


The  comfort zone is defined by the scope of the thumb. By switching on the control option described kinds of controls can be placed so that they are also a relatively large screen accessible – continue – and operable. We see how Samsung among others want to change. Displaying lists, the video or the keyboard.


It is also possible the “density” of the different elements – depending on personal preference Be it suppleness of your thumb to change -. Icons, for example,



The major advantage of the method shown is of course that you as a user no longer attached to the standard pattern, which controls neatly over the screen, whether or not in a grid, are divided. It might take some getting used, but the hitherto used method for one-handed operation, such as the Galaxy Note 3, is – let’s say – rather sub optimal.
Whether the new method works for pleasant, of course we can only say if we tried this in practice – ie: not yet. Samsung Knowing this first option that you can put out. To taste or This is also evident from the patent itself, which also seems to have been given the option to have multiple comfort zones to set. But the promise of such, customization interface is of course great: a smartphone remains comfortable to use, despite the big screen with one hand. But thanks to the big screen, you can enjoy all the benefits like nice browsing, watching video, or admire your own or other people’s photos.

It remains to mention that the course is never sure when or if we like, patented feature actually see popping up. A new device It seems at least a typical feature of a new version of Samsung’s TouchWiz interface – and new TouchWiz versions always come to a new Galaxy S flagship. On the not-so-long run, this would therefore be the Galaxy S5. But indeed, it is and remains speculation.