From Beginner to Professional Photography – Why Would You Go For DSLR Cameras!

Posted on Oct 6 2015 - 3:06pm by Huzoor Bux


If you are looking for a DSLR camera and if you don’t know which one you should buy because there are many with different features what feature you should know before you go for it. There are few things I would like to point it out which you must know as a beginner photographer in other words why professional photographers use dslr cameras.

Great Picture Quality: A pretty much bigger sensor in DSLR which is about 3-5% of a full frame DSLR sensor. Big sensors helps you to capture the true quality of image with much less noise which you may have noticed in normal cameras.

Better Image means great sensitivity of light: because of less noise you can capture images in very dim light environment which helps you to capture landscape in its uttermost beauty.

Shutter Speed: When it comes to shutter speed DSLR helps you to capture some of the most unrealistic moments possible which wouldn’t be without shutter speed and the longer the shutter speed the best you can capture.

Auto Focus: You already familiar with the Auto Focus and you may have ruined some of your images because of it in DSLR you can have auto focus very quickly and you can take multiple shots with blurring your image. In professional DSLRs you can find more perfect images like you see your favorite football player kicking off the perfect goal.

You will capture what you see: There is a reflex mirrors in DSLRs which helps you to capture what you see directly through the lens.  

DSLR aren’t supposed to come at cheap prices and if you are looking for some real time photography then start saving from now because DSLR starts from 35000 PKR. From beginner to professional at we have a verity of DSLR cameras and you can pick what suites you the best.