First firmware update for the Galaxy S3 road

Posted on Jun 15 2012 - 4:58am by Huzoor Bux

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is hardly dry behind the ears, and on the horizon again the first firmware update for the device. As yet, the update is only offered in England.

First reports this update brings some nice improvements. Firstly, the system would still be a bit more stable – our editorial Galaxy S3 is actually as stable as a house, but even more stable is always good.

Furthermore, it seems as if the Galaxy S3 with the new firmware less RAM, so that it no longer prevents the user restarts after running some applications. Some S3 owners have noticed their screen after returning home again ‘signed’ was – with a delay of a few seconds as a result.
Furthermore, the loading times of some heavy applications – games, such as, or S-Voice – has improved significantly. This again seems to indicate a significant improvement in memory management of the unit.
The last seems the automatic adjustment of screen brightness work better.
Whether and when this update will be rolled out in our country is not yet known. Well here it seems to be a significant update with improvements – and so it is only logical that the new firmware also in countries outside England will be rolled out.