Firefox OS shows up a mystery Mobile at CES 2013

Posted on Jan 8 2013 - 6:40am by Huzoor Bux


Firefox’s cell phone operating system showed up on a mystery mobile at a pre-CES event ahead of its lunching this year later, carrying no branding and looking smooth on features. Unfortuanately, the WiFi link in the CES event space did not give me much of a chance to explore the OS’ inner workings, and the mobile was dubbed a “mystery” device by Mozilla reps. I also know that it is got at least an ARMv6 CPU and 256MB of RAM, and more power than that. Mozilla’s planning a 2013 launch of the Chrome OS — an OS powered entirely by HTML5 — in partnership with Telefonica, Qualcomm, and “a long list of industry supporters.

The mobile I handled felt like a pretty standard low-end Android device, albeit running an HTML5 open source OS. Swapping between apps was quick and responsive, but the mobile really was not doing too much.