Facebook tests $100 charge to message strangers

Posted on Jan 11 2013 - 8:26pm by Huzoor Bux



Facebook rings alarm bells among some social medias when it confirmed that it is experimenting with letting strangers message them for a fee. As we were knowledge, however, it’s keenly aware of the ramifications if that fee is too low. The company has confirmed that it’s playing with “highest cost points,” such as the $100 Mashable and others have seen, to serve as a passive spam filter. Anyone who really, truly can’t wait for a friend request can pay the fee, while others who’d just bombard us with dating site links will have to rely on the traditional ad route instead. Between that and a 1nce/week message cap, we were worried less about cluttered inboxes and more about just who would be in dire enough straits to fork over a Benjamin for a burst of text.