Facebook IPO: a disaster that drags the panic in Silicon Valley

Posted on May 30 2012 - 5:04am by Huzoor Bux
Friday, May 18, 2012, entrance to the headquarters of the Nasdaq in New York on the eve of the landing in handbag Facebook.

Friday, May 18, 2012, entrance to the headquarters of the Nasdaq in New York on the eve of the landing in handbag Facebook.

This time of great American dream is not anything left. Only an ugly and unpleasant discomfort that is infecting a bit ‘all. It ‘s like when you wake up suddenly from a bad nightmare. The main character Freddy Krueger who wants you to pieces for no reason. Good thing is over, says one. Too bad we’re just starting.

Uncle Sam has pulled a bad joke to the misunderstood geniuses of Wall Street finance. Hath been also removed a few pebbles from my shoes with some of investors’ “gamble”. It matters little if the side effect has thrown to the winds the dreams of glory of the new generation of startups overseas, who dreamed of replicating (if not entirely, at least in part) the mammoth task of Zuckerberg.

The IPO of Facebook, announced with fanfare horns of a thousand, he served on the side and not the bleak trumpets of un’atterrita in Silicon Valley. Among announced class action, litigation, pending an investigation by the SEC and the Congress on a war footing, things Zuckerberg & company does not throw very well.

Now what’s done is done, you say. Needless riscavare the thousands of articles written in any language that urged the boss of Palo Alto and his merry men to go easy. A non-firing a starting price of the shares that played between the megalomania and insane. Last Friday was the placement of the opening party at $ 38. Today is sunk in close to 31.

And while trudging forgone in the quicksand of this embarrassing fool, all concerned are wondering what to do. Not even Gordon Gekko, in their place, he would know what to do. Because if a giant with 900 million users can not break through the stock market, let alone the rest scattered throughout the Valley startups.

The contagion is already beginning to spread like wildfire, summed up in one word. Mistrust, investing in new startups linked website. Italy does not only happen in certain things. There needs to escape the “dead” to realize the absurdity of certain things. Such assessments to twelve zeros.

The ground has collapsed. The deep rift. On the one hand, investors and banks are afraid to take some other corner of the sound. Of those in a day do you leave the pot of $ 300 million. Have a chat with Alister Ustinov and see how he took it.
other, more mature startups who do not want to risk being listed in this historical moment and see resounding flop to avoid jeopardizing their reputation.
A typical stall from the Mexican not if it goes live. Or maybe not.

Let me spend a few months. Wait silently in a corner that things are settling down and that if they stop talking. People forget. Will again be business as usual.
The blazing American dream more intact than ever.