Display Orders: Tablets overtake first notebook

Posted on Nov 28 2012 - 6:52am by Huzoor Bux

It still seems so that the tablets are a niche market rather, does not want to build really, but it seems that we are wrong with this idea. For the first time there is now a trend reversal, as now in October were more tablet displays appointed as notebook displays. Only since mid tablet displays were ever ordered in the 10s of millions, now they can overtake even the usually equipped notebooks without touch. This, of course, among other things, because Tablets are becoming more powerful, also becoming cheaper and can offer some very sophisticated equipment, such as the Transformer Pad from ASUS . The manufacturers will produce a result of the trend towards devices with touch anyway notebooks less, put it more on tablets. Among others already the only manufacturer netbook division have completely stopped.

We must, of course, also consider not only Android and iOS Tablets to consider, because above all the previously used only on desktop and laptop Windows by Microsoft with Windows 8 finally get a proper touch-enabled version which actually only requires a mouse to operate it. Especially in private enriches Tablets will compete has only just the advance and run the notebook rank.