Curved surface smartphone “Galaxy Round” does not adopt a flexible OLED?

Posted on Oct 28 2013 - 5:02am by Huzoor Bux


Samsung made ​​smartphone ” Galaxy Round OLED. At organic EL site information was reported and has not adopted a flexible OLED “Youm” is “.

According to the information source, the OLED of the Galaxy Round, flexible plastic substrate of OLED ” Youm pattern that can be seen instead of “and have adopted the conventional OLED type of glass substrate. It is said that the character of “Youm” does not appear at all in the press release of the Galaxy Round also corroborate it.

Authenticity of the information of this time has become unknown.

SamMobile was added that while it cited the coverage of OLED has taken to confirm this matter to insiders Samsung.

Source: SamMobile