Comparison between WordPress, Drupal and Joomla

Posted on Jan 19 2016 - 12:56pm by Huzoor Bux

CMS tools such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal have established themselves as greatest leaders for online content management systems process because they offer users to work with its easy to access features that are highly  safe and secure as well as free for users to work with.

Comparison between WordPress, Drupal and Joomla

About Drupal is extremely  a powerful, user-friendly CMS tool for developing highly complex sites. There are various powerful CMS tools and Drupal is one such content management tool that comes with more expertised features for users  to work with it. Joomla offers a middle-level communication mode between a Joomla developer and user. Joomla provides first features that are user-friendly but offers highly complex website development options than what your WordPress does not offers. WordPress comes with extreme innovative features and offers an easy-to-use blogging platform. With its ever-changing and high rise of eye-striking theme options, plugins and widgets, WordPress CMS tool is widely used with other website formats as well.
Example Sites Community Portal such as Fast Company and Team Sugar are developed under Drupal coding systems Social Networking such as MTV Networks QuizillaEducation, Harvard UniversityRestaurant and IHOP are developed under Joomla coding systems.Social Networking such as MTV Networks QuizillaEducation, Harvard UniversityRestaurant, and IHOP are developed under Joomla coding systems. Social Networking sites such as PlayStation BlogNews Publishing CNN Political TickerEducation/Research, NASA Ames Research CenterNews Publishing and The New York Observer are developed under WordPress coding features
Installation Drupal Installation Forum requires Joomla Installation Forum offers extremely WordPress Installation Forum offers
Ease of Us  high amount of technical expertise among other CMS tools. Drupal is highly capable of offering extremely excellent sites. With each of its latest releases, it is becoming easier for people to use Drupal CMS tool. Less complex features than Drupal but are more complex than WordPress CMS tool. Joomla requires a relatively less complicated installation and setup process. With a relatively small amount of investment required by Joomla, it is necessary to understand the Joomla’s structure and terminologies to be able to create a high amount complex sites fairly. high technical experience that are intuitive and offers easy to access a simple site set up at much faster rates. WordPress offers an easy to paste text option from a Microsoft Word document into your WordPress site, whereas this is not at all available in Joomla and Drupal CMS tools.
Features Drupal CMS tool is highly known for its extreme powerful taxonomies and its high capability  to tag, categorize and organize all of your complex contents into simpler ones without any network glitches. Joomla is specially designed to work with community platforms that offer a strong social networking features to users. Offers ease to use features that comes as a key benefit for experts and novices to work on WordPress. WordPress has powerful enough features to offer to web developers as well as designers to efficiently build sites for their clients with minimal instruction to work on WordPress to make it easy for clients to take over the site management. WordPress is highly known for its extensive selection themes that it offer to users. Quite user-friendly with great support  system and tutorials and simultaneously making it excellent CMS tool for non-technical users to deploy quickly a fair amount of simple sites.
Caching Plug-ins Pressflow is one of the mostly known Drupal plug-ins. This plug-in can easily be downloadable from your internet that comes with bundled of advance and traditional enhancement features including performance and scalability. JotCache is a big example of Joomla plug-in that offers a page caching process that results in fast page download system and, therefore, it makes Joomla renowned among users worldwide.  This CMS tool further offers a high control system over what kind of content is cached and what is not. Page caching in Joomla is highly supported by the System Cache Plugin feature that comes with Joomla. WP-SuperCache is one of the most widely known plug-in of WordPress that optimizes its performance by generating static html documents from a database-driven content section for faster loading process.
Best Use Cases For sophisticated, advanced and functional sites, Drupal requires complex data organizations for community platform websites that enable multiple users to use them. Joomla enable users to build a website that are  more content oriented and posses high structure flexibility process than what WordPress offers. Joomla comes fairly with easy and highly intuitive usage features. Supports E-commerce, social networking and more. WordPress is ideal to use for extremely simple websites, such as it can be used by users for everyday blogging purposes and news sites.   Anyone who is searching for an easy-to-work with site can prefer working with WordPress.  There are various WordPress Add-ons  that can make it easy users to expand the functionality of the site.

WordPress is at the topmost level for half of the world’s population due to its advance features that it offers to its users.

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