Colors of the LED notification settings – Light Flow

Posted on Jul 9 2012 - 4:48am by Huzoor Bux

A question here have often been asked, is how the colors of the notification LED can adjust. And the answer is disappointing: it does not. That is, if you stick to the options that the Samsung Galaxy S3 itself offers. But fortunately this is not necessary.

So behold the Light Flow app (free HERE to find in the Play Store). Light With Flow, you can actually do just that: to choose which colors to which notification are linked.
Anyway you can with Light Flow much more than just change the colors of the LED. Also noise and vibration patterns to taste and need to be set.

All in all, the app offers enough options to keep yourself busy for a while. We will not directly write a comprehensive manual, but we assume you do not need this if you have enough do-it-yourself mindset in you notice the colors of the LED to change
Note: you need after installation ‘Accessibility’ box. The app will ask you to do this, and you then send to the proper screen. Select it under “Services” Light Flow, and enable the service there in using the – uhm, well – switch on the screen.

At present not all appear in the app selectable colors to work. According to the developers of Light Flow am at this moment is still busy tinkering to the force on the Samsung Galaxy S3 to perfection, so we assume that in the near future, no problem will be (if the course is a problem.

Update: as rightly pointed out below is an app that has no paragon of energy efficiency. Keep this in mind if you’re going to get to work! Nevertheless, it is good – if you want to customize your LED notifications – about a app like this, or others (Light Flow is not the only one in the Play Store) to think.
Check Light Flow in the Play Store HERE.

  • I really love this app on my Galaxy Nexus. The customisable LED is the one thing I missed on Android when switching over from Blackberry. With custom vibrations I don’t even need to take my phone out of my pocket to know what notifications there are.